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“The Prayer”  is a very powerful song that is suitable for both weddings and funerals. Next to Schubert’s Ave Maria, it is probably one of the most highly requested songs that I receive from clients who hire me. Although I have sung that song more times than I can remember, I think back to when I first heard the song and how I thought there was no way I would be able to sing this challenging piece.

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I remember first listening to the song in 1999 at home in my room. At the time, I had not taken any vocal lessons and the Italian lyrics made it especially a very intriguing song. I remember getting familiar with the tune and trying to sing along with Andrei Bocelli and Celine Dion during their climatic build-up at the midway point of the song. I thought to myself, how would I ever be able to hit those high notes for “Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino” and almost felt deflated as I figured this was a song that I would never be able to perform. Further, I wasn’t fluent in Italian and this also posed as another challenge and barrier to learning the song. At that time, I was only familiar in singing Latin and French and as a result, The Prayer was a song that I was forced to park for a while.

It wasn’t until 2004 that I started taking vocal lessons to begin performing as a soloist. Initially, this wasn’t a song that was on my radar as I “learning to sing again” meaning I was focusing on the fundamentals such as breath control. However it was probably a year later that I decided to try and learn what I considered to be this  juggernaut of a song. Shortly after, (in 2006), I made my first public performance of this sing at a wedding at St. Joseph’s Parish, in Highland Creek, Scarborough. I remember being very nervous as I still felt I was not completely comfortable with the song. I felt my Italian was pretty good but some of the high notes in the songs were still posing  a challenge for me. After the performance, I received rave reviews but I was definitely not happy with the climactic build-up of the song as I know I could have done better. Being the perfectionist that I am, I went back to my vocal teacher and told her how I felt I didn’t feel properly supported during the part of the song when I sang “Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino”. As a result, I kept continually working of the song over the years and improved more and more with each performance.

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One of the most memorable performances of this song was when I was able to perform it in 2006 at my daughter’s baptism at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish in Toronto. There were a number of things that made this performance quite special. Not only was I able to sing this song for my lovely baby girl, but I was also able to duet with the woman who had helped me learn the song. My vocal teacher was also a cantor at the same church and she accompanied me for the female part. At the time, this was the perfect support for me as I felt very comfortable having my teacher by my side. I definitely felt more comfortable during that climactic build up knowing she was by my side and it helped in my confidence to know that I could sing it with confidence and to the best of my capabilities. Being a better very of my previous self is all that I seek when it comes to tracking my improvement, and on that day, it was mission accomplished.

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Over the years I have sung this song for the Mayor of the City of Markham, at funerals, weddings, baptism receptions, memorials Remembrance Day ceremonies and many other occasions. In 2012, I decided to record and shoot a video for the song. The video deals with a Pay-it-forward concept in which one good deed continues to lead to a series of other charitable acts.

It’s amazing how a song that I once thought was impossible to perform is now such an important part of my repertoire as a professional singer.

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