Toronto Markham GTA Singer – The Making of the Video for Gravity

There was something about the song Gravity that made me feel it was a vey special piece the first time I ever heard it. To me, it seemed like the perfect ballad that anyone could relate to. Who hasn’t experienced heartache or felt continuously drawn to someone, even though you know the relationship was over. And the melody of Gravity….again, it was simply perfect. With an introduction that is practically acapella except with a beautiful complement from the piano, to me it was the quintessential love piece. When I introduced the song to the members of my band (Andris Krumins, Ravi Danesh, Ian Chau), the song quickly became a favourite and one that we always looked forward to both rehearsing and performing. After we performed Gravity for the first time at our concert at Musideum in April of 2015, one of the audience members came up to me afterwards and said that song made be a “star”.

After we recorded the song on the album “The Compilation”, it seemed like a given that Gravity would be the ballad used to promote the cd. I remember speaking with both Andris and Ravi after we finished a gig at Gate 403 on a cold November evening about how I should even shoot a video for the song. The more I thought about it the more it seemed to make sense, however, I didn’t want your typical cookie cutter music video in which I would be staring into the eyes of some love interest.

I had to do some research on a videographer and after researching a number of them, I reached out to Tom Sokalski of Bright Eyes Studios. His videos on Vimeo had a unique look and the artistic flare that I was hoping he could bring to Gravity. We met on a Saturday morning at the Starbucks in the Shops of Don Mills. He came to the meeting with a vision for the video and told me how he wanted the theme of Gravity to be represented in space….literally. He showed me some videos he had shot where the actors were floating and his intention to build on this theme for Gravity. After a lengthy discussion, I gave him the green light to direct, produce and shoot the video. I remember him asking about the female lead and if I wanted him to hire a model for the video shoot. I told him I would get back to him.

For the video, I didn’t want to just have any female lead. I thought it would be a long shot but the first person who came to mind was miss @stayfabulous, a.k.a Traci Melchor. Not only was she a well respected Canadian television personality from Much Music, The Social and eTalk (just to name a few), but I also felt her brand would add a touch of class to the video that I felt it deserved. I remember reaching out to her via email with the song included as an attachment and asking her to be the main female lead in the video. She emailed back expressing her interest and sent a follow-up email saying “P.S. Your voice/performance is perfection!! “ After a couple of phone conversations, she confirmed her availability and on January 22, 2017, we met at Tom’s place to shoot her scenes.

To add some variation to the video, Tom and I met near Square One Shopping centre on March 19, 2017 in Mississauga. There were a couple of parking lots which had the Marilyn Monroe towers as great backdrops. Both Tom and I thought this would be a great contrast to the scenes we had shot with Traci. And with this, the video for Gravity was made. I feel very blessed and am thankful to both Tom Sokalski and Traci Melchor for helping this project and video come to life.

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