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There is a saying that goes “You create your own happiness”. This holds very true in the music business. I am not trying to claim to be an expert on how to be the next big star because I am far from one nor do I possess that knowledge. However there is always something to learn from others who have traveled down the same path you are starting out on.  I just want to share some of my personal experiences especially for those who are new to the music scene and are trying to make a name for themselves.

First off I think it is important for musical artists to quickly realize that regardless of how good you are or think you may be, in the beginning you have to promote yourself. I’m not saying that exposure won’t lead to future gigs because if you are good at what you do, others will notice and take note. However, this does not guarantee continued bookings. It is much wiser to be proactive and pick up the phone and call multiple venues to try and book performances yourself. To a certain extent, you have to do away with modesty and become your own salesperson. Although it may seem intimidating at first, the more calls you make, the better and more comfortable you get with selling yourself as an artist and in dealing with rejection. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you will also have to develop some very thick skin as you will most likely be told “no” many more times than you are told “yes”. If rejection is not something that you think you can deal with, then sorry to say that you are in the wrong business. After all, being able to overcome rejection is only a quality that separates those who succeed in life from those who let their dreams fall to the wayside. So you’ve been adequately warned. Hopefully you have the determination to deal with the resistance you will end up facing.

Secondly, choose your band mates carefully. Are they on the same page as you or ore they dead weight that is only there to benefit from your hard work. Sometimes this may be difficult to know from the start as these types of individuals may express intentions which are consistent with your goals. Further they may be very skilled in the instrument they play which will add value to their stock. However time will always tell who are the individuals that are serious about advancing the band since results don’t lie. A great example of this is a couple of years back, I was working with an amazing musician. He would always talk about trying to book venues here and there and suggest different ideas of where to perform. Initially I thought he had followed up with these contacts he had been speaking of but as time went on, no gigs were occurring. The relationship ended up being one sided as he was unable to do the basic necessities of following up with any leads. I was doing my part to promote us as a group any opportunity I had and all of our performances came from efforts on my part. Nevertheless, I ended our working relationship as it was clear the his mentality  was “what I could do for him” as oppose to “what could we do together”.

Last suggestion for those trying to get ahead in music or trying to attain any goal is consistency. If you consistently produce quality content and promote your content consistently (by either gigging or by posting on YouTube, Instagram or other types of social media) you will eventually see results. Speak with any person who has excelled in their field and the theme of consistency is always a common factor.  When you are consistent you get things done and getting things done produces results. However this is much easier said than done as this requires a considerable amount of discipline, which unfortunately too many people lack. After all,  it’s nicer to hit that snooze button and get that extra hour of sleep than it is to wake up at and work on your dreams for an hour before heading out to start your day.

Just remember you are the captain of your own ship and have much more control over your music career than you think. Promote yourself, surround yourself with a positive networking group of musicians and be consistent in both producing content and in practicing and I can assure you, good things will eventually happen.

I wish you success in your musical endeavors.

– Jonathan Michael

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