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Some people who have contacted me to perform at a function have been caught off guard when I ask them if they would prefer that I sing with live accompaniment or with instrumental backings. I hope to highlight in this blog that depending on the occasion, there are certain times when live music is a must compared to other events where having a singer sing along to an instrumental backing track is fine for the occasion. I know that there are also certain factors such as your budget and available space which must be taken into consideration when choosing the proper music package but certain occasions do require one over the other.

Church Wedding – Live Music is a Must

I have been asked by some wedding couples if I could use instrumental back tracks or sing accapella at their church wedding. The first thing I tell them is that on your special day, you don’t want to cut corners and end up regretting your decision at the time of the ceremony. When budgeting, it may seem like a great savings of $200 or more to not hire a organist, but how moving do you think Pachelbel Canon will sound on your $100 blue tooth speaker compared to having it performed on the beautiful grand pipe organ that is left unoccupied at the front (or back) of the church. Further, aside from popular church wedding songs such as Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus, it is very hard to find instrumental versions to many church songs.  So you may be very limited in the song selection at your service unless you want the singer to sing acapella. However, regardless of how amazing a singer is, a song does not sound the same (or nearly as good) if there isn’t some type of instrumental backing to accompany him/her. The combination of a good singer and organist for a church wedding is a wise investment that will leave a lasting impression with you and your guests.

House Party – Singer with Instrumental Backings

This is one of the occasions when letting your singer use an instrumental backing track will be fine. Most of the guests will be impressed that you have made the effort to have live entertainment for them.  Further, many of the house parties that I have performed at have not had the ample space to fit in a full band. Even asking for a pianist to accompany me would have meant being super cramped in the performance space provided. I’ve found that using instrumental backing tracks does not take away from the performance as people are mainly focused on the singer. The only caveat is that you have to ensure that the singer you have hired has killer vocals. Anything less, then it will seem like you have hired cheap karaoke which will take away from the sentiment you have tried to impart in hiring a singer for your guests listening pleasure.

Corporate Event Venues – Singer with Live band

I’ve received some requests to sing at some pretty interesting events over the years. From the grand display of a new exhibit at an art gallery to the opening on a car dealership, these are events that should have live music. Usually for these events, there is a larger budget to hire a 4 or 5 piece band. Further it just adds more class and awe to the event to have live musicians perform as oppose to having a singer standing alone in a corner vocalizing to his or her instrumental backing track. I am sure most event planners will agree that for corporate events such as these, it would be in their client’s best interest to hire live musicians for the event.

Reception at a Hall or Restaurant – Singer with Instrumental

I am sure many of you would think that a full out live music band would be the best option for this type of venue and occasion but I will argue with you that hiring a vocalist to sing with instrumental tracks will suffice. First off, space is a major issue when hiring a band and aside from a major wedding reception, I’ve found that most people who may rent out a room in a restaurant or at a hall, usually go with a smaller size which does not allow for a full band to set up.  In these intimate settings, doing your homework and hiring a great singer is a great way to entertain guests and to  add touch of class to the event.  Further, considering how loud a 4 or 5 piece band can get, most restaurants would not allow for such due to possible complaints from other customers.

I am sure that some people will have differing opinions on my suggestions of what type of musical needs are best suited given the venue.  Regardless, hopefully this blog will help you determine what type of musician(s) you should be hiring for your next function or event.

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