Schubert’s Ave Maria – Toronto Wedding and Funeral Singer

Schubert’s Ave Maria is a song I have been singing for over 35 years. I don’t remember learning it or even the first time I performed the piece as a youngster. However, I do remember that for the longest time, I thought the song was strictly a choral peace. As a youth, I would remember a group of us choristers hopping into our choir master’s car and driving to a couple of churches in Toronto to sing at funerals and performing this song during the service. I also found this song to be rather ironic in that not only was it performed at one of the saddest ceremonies of the catholic church, but also at one of the most joyous moments (weddings) in people’s lives.

My first time ever singing the Ave Maria as a soloist was at a wedding in 1994. I had just finished my first year of university and had come back home for the summer to work. My mother had spoken to one of her coworkers who was getting married and advertised my singing services to her. At that time, myself and 3 other classmates had formed a quartet and sung at church services during the summer of 1993. We sounded good and I know that nothing would bring my mother more joy than to have her co-workers hear me sing. After all, she has always been my biggest fan.

From what I remember, the songs for the ceremony included classic Choir School selections that were, but not limited to, Jesu Joy, The Panis Angelicus and the Ave Maria for the signing of the register. I remember being very nervous, as I would be singing the first verse of the Ave Maria as a solo and the second verse in 4-part harmony with my friends.  Although I had sung at weddings in the past, I was always with a relatively decent sized choir and had never been given such an important solo. So the idea of making my performance debut at a wedding in which my mom’s coworkers would be in attendance was somewhat nerve racking to say the least.

I remember the organist starting with the opening notes for the Ave Maria and my heart started pumping a little faster as I knew it was Showtime. Little did I know that that this solo would mark the start of a beautiful relationship I would have with the Ave Maria moving forward. Needless to say, my solo went very well. I was able to manage my nerves and to sing the first verse with confidence. Most importantly, I made my mom proud as she received many complements about my singing. I know she was equally as happy to have her friends hear for themselves what she had been telling them for years while I was attending St. Michael’s Choir School.

I am glad that Schubert’s Ave Maria is still one of the most requested musical pieces that I am asked to perform at weddings, funerals, baptisms and even birthday performances. I have done my part during many consultations with clients to remind them that there is also another beautiful Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod. However, the majority always prefer Schubert’s. I can say that this song has single-handedly been the one piece of music that has helped to instill confidence in me to be a soloist and performer. For this reason, I will always have a special place in my heart for Schubert’s Ave Maria.

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