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Our voice is a muscle that we take for granted. After all, we have been using our vocal chords from the time we were born to cry and make cooing noises. In all fairness, the majority of people generally go their entire life never giving a second thought about their voice or ever experience vocal problems. However, if you are a singer or use your voice professionally, chances are that at some point throughout your career, you may experience some type of vocal issues. That is why it is very important to take care of your voice and practice proper “vocal hygiene” as this will help to minimize problems and help prolong your musical instrument…… and by your instrument, I mean your voice.

In the Fall of 2017, I wrote an ebook called “8 Tips for Proper Vocal Hygiene” (which you can download for free from my website at and the importance of being proactive in taking measures to protect your instrument. I wanted to highlight a couple of key points that I speak about in my book.

1) Avoid Clearing You Throat

In my ebook, I talk about why this is one of the worst things that you can possibly do to your vocal chords and why this can become addictive and a very difficult habit to break. Surprisingly, I’ve met a number of singers who constantly clear their throat not even realizing the damage they are doing to their vocal chords. In the ebook, I talk about different and more effective alternatives that you can take to achieve the same result of clearing your throat. Further I also talk about some of the long term effects and consequences that can occur if you continue with this very bad habit. This is a must read section for those who are caught in this vicious cycle.

Sounds like common sense for those who have a vested interest in their voice, but how many of us actually realize that we are overusing our voice? Does your day job require you to speak often? Do you sing in the car on your commute to and from work? Do you frequent bars or clubs during the week or on weekends? Do you rehearse with your band a couple of times a week? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then chances are that you are overusing your voice. Although your voice may seem fine now or the next day, continual long term strain or overuse of your vocal chords without adequate rest can result in vocal problems down the line. In my ebook, I highlight some common activities that we view as being innocuous, but in reality are putting considerable strain on our voice. Since knowledge is power, being aware of these types of strenuous activities will only help to protect your voice in the long run and may encourage you to change some behaviours that can add years to your voice.

3) Don’t Eat That!!!!

Some people are complexly oblivious on how their diet can affect their voice. Many people do not realize that right before a performance, certain types of foods or beverages can adversely affect their voice causing all types of problems when on stage. For those individuals who are already experiencing vocal issues, certain types of foods should be avoided to facilitate in the rehabilitation process. In the ebook I wrote, I list a group of safe foods and foods that you should avoid if you want to practice proper vocal hygiene.

These are just 3 of the 8 tips that I speak about in my ebook which you can download for free from my website at I personally have experienced vocal issues in the past and the tips in the ebook have helped in rehabilitating my voice. Even those who are not experiencing vocal issues will find the ebook beneficial as it will bring awareness of certain habits to avoid and different things they can add to their daily routine to minimize the chance of any vocal problems in the future. We are only given one set of vocal chords and it is better to be proactive and keep them healthy, than to try and rehabilitate, especially as damage to the vocal chords can sometimes be irreversible. I hope you find the ebook helpful and I wish you may years of great singing!

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