My Love of the Christmas Season – Toronto Business Christmas Singer

Christmas time has always been my favorite season and time of year. There have been so many great childhood memories from opening presents to family gatherings that Christmas has a very special place in my heart.

As I have become older and focused more on becoming a soloist, I have found that music is what defines the Christmas season for me. Even though I have been singing all of my life, my appreciation for the beautiful songs of the Advent and Christmas season have grown since I started singing as a cantor.

As someone who is always seeking out new songs and listening to music, one composer who I am a huge fan of is David Foster. In my opinion, the man is a genius when it comes to composing music. I don’t think there is a song out there that he has written and/or produced which I do not like. I remember in my second year at Carleton University in Ottawa, a friend introduced me to his CD entitled “The Christmas Album” and suggested that I take a listen. Two songs that specifically stood out to me on that album were his rendition of O Holy Night and an original piece he composed called Grown Up Christmas List

At the time, I thought to myself that it was rather ambitious of David Foster to try and write a Christmas original especially as this genre of music consisted of a finite number of classic pieces. However, after listening to the song for the first time, I remember how moved I was by not only the melody and the lyrics but by Natalie Cole’s interpretation of the piece. I think the song has had the same effect on the general public as it has been recorded by an endless number of singers and is a regular song on radio rotation during the Christmas season.

As for his rendition of O Holy Night, I believe that has to be the loveliest musical arrangement of what I already consider to be the most beautiful Christmas carol ever composed. David Foster’s version of this song and Michael Crawford’s beautiful delivery on vocals renewed my love for this piece. The orchestration and the inclusion of a children’s choir in this piece is nothing short of amazing and is something hear if you have not yet listened to this version. This version is so moving that nearly 10 years later, Josh Groban recorded his version of this song to the exact same backing tack. No doubt this version helped Mr. Groban boost his status as an amazing singer as he was early in his career at the time he released this song.

I’m very fortunate in that I get to sing this song once a year for the congregation at my church in Toronto during the Christmas Eve mass. For this reason, this has come to be my favorite service of the year. In addition to O Holy Night, we also sing carols with the congregation prior to the start of the service. With songs being sung such as Still, Still, Still, The Huron Carol, Silent Night /Night of Silence and Song of the Stable is it any wonder why I love Christmas Eve mass with a passion?

In spite of this, one of my most memorable experiences from Christmas was from a few years ago when I was asked to lend my voice for a fundraiser to assist an orphanage in both Zimbabwe and Tanzania. For me, preparing for this concert was a joy and was my first opportunity to perform Christmas music for an audience. I also feel that being able to use our talents to help others, especially the less fortunate, embodies the true meaning of Christmas.

Nevertheless, I truly feel blessed to have been given an early appreciation of Christmas music that has only grown over the years. To me, music not only touches the heart and soul but also provides the extra magic that the Christmas season brings.

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