My Love Hate Relationship with Social Media – Toronto Wedding and Corporate Event Singer

Social media is supposed to be the newest way for artists to get discovered now a days. It is a great concept in that you have control over what you post and the world is your audience. It is also nice that through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others, you can develop followers or fans and be interactive with them through comments or direct messaging. All you have to do is look at certain celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara or even Justin Bieber to see how social media helped to launch their careers and turned them into international stars.

I’ve learned that consistency on social media is a must and as much as I love that it allows me to share my music with a global audience, I found myself getting upset with not being in love with the process. I remember starting off on Instagram and Facebook with such desire and enthusiasm. I was posting content every day, sometimes twice daily and I was steadily starting to develop a nice set of followers.  However, over time I found that posting content was becoming more of a chore as oppose to something that I looked forward to. Was it the time required to try and come up with new content when I had a busy week or was it trying to write a very long description of my video on my phone (I hate typing on my phone) or was I resenting the amount of time I found myself addicted to social media looking for likes after putting up a post? As the year passed, I would find myself now posting every other day and I would start to watch my number of followers decline.  Then I came to realize that I was doing it all for the wrong reasons.

I remember very well an Instagram clip I watched from Gary Vaynerchuk which specifically stated that it isn’t the quantity but rather the quality of the content I should be putting out there. This resonated to me and made sense. I would rather have a footprint on social media that leaves my fans/followers amazed with my content as oppose to posting something every day with little to no value.

I firmly believe that as a singer, I have the ability to produce quality content and should not be beating myself up if I am not able to post music videos every day. I know that social media is much more than endless videos of me singing. People want to see the real Jonathan Michael and what my day looks like, what I eat for dinner, what movies I am watching, what places I am travelling to. Sorry, but at least for now, I am not comfortable posting that stuff. I still think there is something valuable in about being shrouded in mystery especially when the trend nowadays seems for everyone to be an open book.

Ironically enough, at the time of writing this blog, I have been off of social media for the past 2 months but do plan on posting some music this week. My new goal is to be consistent with quality content! Let me know you thoughts as you can check my out on Instagram at or check out my webpage at

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