Hiring Jonathan Michael for your Roman Catholic Church Service – Toronto Markham Wedding Singer Cantor

So who is Jonathan Michael and why would I want him to sing at my Roman Catholic wedding. After all, there are numerous options of singers and musicians available for your music program so why would you want to hire him?

Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am a graduate of the world renowned St. Michael’s Choir school in downtown Toronto, and I have been singing at weddings for over 35 years. Throughout my tenure as a chorister, I was provided with classical music training and sang at St. Michael’s Cathedral weekly at one of the four weekend masses. Being the head church of the Archdiocese of Toronto, the standard of music at the Cathedral was always expected to be very high and this standard is something that I continue to deliver whether I am singing as a cantor at weekly mass or performing for your wedding.

If you hire me for your wedding, you will be hiring a singer with over 25 years of experience singing as a cantor at various Roman Catholic churches throughout Toronto and Ottawa. Immediately after graduating from the choir school, I started singing at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on McCall Street in Toronto. I then attended University in Ottawa and sang at St. Augustine’s and St. John the Apostle catholic churches during my seven years in that city. Upon returning back to Toronto in 2000, I began singing at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish and have been singing there for the past 19 years.  Each church was different in terms of the music program that I was expected to offer and couples can rest assured that I can provide them with a well-rounded selections consisting of both traditional and modern day music.

Another benefit of hiring me for your wedding is that I also work with world class musicians. I have a close network of professional organists/pianists that I work with and for those couples who really wish to enhance their music program, I also have connections to string players. I have a high standard for the musicians that I work with and this results in a better sounding music for the couples throughout their wedding service. Unfortunately many couples tend not to invest in the music for their wedding ceremony and the end result is a generic wedding ceremony which does not leave any lasting impressions with their guests.

One of the advantages of hiring me for your wedding is that I offer all wedding couples a consultation. At this meeting, myself and the organist go through a number of music selections for all the different parts of the mass. Not many couples realize how much singing and music can be offered during a Roman Catholic wedding service. Usually, I sing approximately three preludes prior to the start of the wedding ceremony, as guests are arriving in the church. Then there is music during the processional as the bridesmaids are processing down the aisle.  Many brides opt to have another song performed as they enter the church. Following this, there is a Psalm and Gospel Acclimation that is sung during the ceremony along with a song for the Preparation of the Gifts. Then there are the mass parts (i.e Holy Holy, Memorial Acclimation, The Great Amen and the Lamb of God) which need to be performed. There are so many options for mass parts but no worries, because I am familiar with many of them. Then there is a Communion Hymn and usually a post Communion hymn that is performed. Further, there is a song selection for the Signing of the Register and another selection performed at the conclusion of the ceremony when the wedding couple process out of the church as husband and wife.

Another huge advantage of securing my services for your wedding is that I will only provide you with liturgically appropriate music.  Are you aware that your music program needs to be approved by the pastor of the church? The main problem with hiring outside musicians or someone not familiar with a Roman Catholic services is that they don’t understand the music guidelines and what is considered to be acceptable song selections. It is nice and all that a musician can promise to sing Endless Love for your processional song but let’s see how quickly the pastor of your church will cross that song off your music list. I can offer you both traditional and modern day music selections that will be approved by all pastors.

As you can see, music is a significant part of your wedding ceremony and what must be remembered is that you only have one opportunity to get it right. I can help you choose and deliver a music program that will impress and leave a lasting impression with all of your guests. In choosing me as your cantor, you are hiring an individual with over 36 years’ experience performing at weddings and connections to professional musicians. I am very serious and passionate about singing and still take vocal lessons up to today to keep my instrument healthy and sounding the best it can. I would love to be a part of your special day. If you are interested in learning more about me and hearing my music, feel free to visit my site at www.musicbyjohn.ca.

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