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I have been singing for close to 38 years. That is practically 85% of my life that I have dedicated to singing and working on my craft. Not sure about you, but when I hire someone for a job, especially on one of the most important days of my life, I want to make sure that they have the necessary skills and ability to not only do the task at hand, but to do it in a manner that will leave me overly impressed.  This is something that all wedding couples should also consider when choosing a singer. However, many couples first look at the cost of the singer and try and go for the cheapest option. Again, just a reminder that this is one of the biggest and most important days of your life and quality is what should drive you in your decision making process for choosing a singer. I thought I would just highlight a couple of things that make me stand out from  other wedding singers.


As a classical crossover singer, I have enjoyed singing many genres of music. My ability to sing classical, classical crossover, Top 40, Broadway, Jazz, and to sing in the languages of Italian, Spanish, Latin and French is what separates me from the rest. On many occasions, I have been not only asked to sing at the couple’s religious or civil service, but to also sing at their wedding reception because of the versatility of my musical repertoire and the quality of my voice. I have performed as a musical quintet, with a 30 piece big band orchestra, with jazz trios, as a cantor at a Roman Catholic church, and I have held a monthly residence at a bar in Toronto throughout my singing career. I am very fortunate to have a plethora of singing and performing experience in a vast array of domains. This versatility has been invaluable and is what I bring to the table when you hire me for your wedding.


Due to my singing experience and collaborating with a number of musicians over the years, I am very well connected. Some couples who have hired me for church weddings in the past have have asked me to provide them with a pianist or organist. No problem, I have been singing at Roman Catholic churches since the age of 7 and am currently the cantor at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish in Toronto for close to 20 years. I have helped secure organists, violinists, cellists and bass players for weddings over the years. Some couples have asked me to play at their reception and have wanted  live music. I have a band called the Jonathan Michael Group that consists of me on vocals, a violinist, electric bass player, drummer and pianist. We have even recorded an album called “The Compilation” which you can listen to on Spotify or on my website. Our group even won the 2017 IMEC International Music Arts Festival and competed against international musicians in the category of Best Musical Group. I only work with accomplished musicians and again, these are the types of individuals that I would have accompany me if I was to be hired for your wedding ceremony.


My rates are very reasonable compared to singers and musicians with less experience and ability. For many wedding ceremonies which are up to and hour and a half, I generally charge $225, provided it is in the Greater Toronto Area. Keep in mind, my fee includes a face-to-face meeting, usually around an hour, to help the bride and groom choose music for their ceremony. Should they want me to secure any other musician (e.g. an organist) then the meeting would be like a mini concert where the couples would hear us perform a number of sings for them. As well, I generally start performing preludes ½ hour before the wedding ceremony starts to entertain guests as they arrive. This is on top of the music that I will perform during the ceremony which typically lasts for an hour. Also, my rate is on par or even more affordable than what other professional singers charge for their services. There will always be cheaper options, such as hiring the church choir or cantor or having a family member sing (oh, those family members can make your wedding ceremony memorable…….but for the wrong reason) but again, on one of the most important days of your life, why sacrifice quality in order to save an extra $50 or $75. I have been able to leave many lasting impressions with the couples who have hired me over the years and if it is one thing that I consistently hear from couples is that I helped to make their wedding day that much more special for them. However, talk is cheap so I would encourage you to listen to the music samples on my website so you can compare the quality of my voice with some of the other options that are available.

I thoroughly enjoy singing at weddings, meeting couples and helping to make their day memorable through my singing. It is truly an honour to have someone entrust me to sing at their wedding and I take the duty of a wedding singer very seriously. I hope that this short blog will have you curious to learn more about me. For my full biography and to listen to samples of my music, please visit my website at www.musicbyjohn.ca or contact me via email at musicbyjohn@gmail.com

I hope to be able to make your wedding day a memorable one for you and your guests.

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