Choosing Music for Your Roman Catholic Wedding – Toronto GTA Wedding Singer Crooner

Choosing music for your Roman Catholic wedding may seem like a daunting task. After all , you have to choose preludes, an entrance hymn, the Psalm refrain, a Gospel Acclamation, a hymn for the preparation of the gifts, as well as a setting for the Mass parts for the Sanctus, Memorial Acclimation, The Great Amen and The Agnus Dei. There is also a communion hymn (and possibly post communion hymn) and a song for the signing of the register. Also, I forgot to mention about the processional song for the bride and bridesmaids as well as a recessional song when as a married couple you leave the church as husband and wife for the first time.

For those considering taking on this task, I must commend you because you have taken the first step to ensure that your special day stands out and is memorable to your guests. Consider that 81% of wedding guests say that music/entertainment is what they remember most about a wedding. This is why must couples wish they had given more thought to the entertainment at their wedding. If there is one thing to keep in mind when choosing your music program for your wedding, it’s this: Nothing, absolutely nothing beats the atmosphere created by live musicians if the music if done properly.

Let me expand upon the the last three words of my last sentence (if done properly). Something that I would suggest is making sure that you have an opportunity to hear the cantor and organist or church choir or whatever ensemble you choose before you confirm their services for your music program on your wedding day. Keep in mind that as much as music can add to a service, it can also take away and make your special day be memorable for another reason. Some people will feel pressure to chose the musicians that are affiliated with that specific church where they are getting married or may also feel the need to allow their cousin or uncle who says that s/he can sing to take on the important task of providing musical services for them. My only suggestion would be to “Be very picky”. Keep in mind that you only have one opportunity to get your music right, and after all, this is your “SPECIAL DAY”.  Think about the amount of effort you put into searching for a hall for your reception or the number of different photographers, cateres and florists you considerd. Well be sure to put in the same amount of effort into finding the right group of people to perform for your wedding because the service of a musician has the ability to enhance your ceremony and make it even more memorable.

There are a number of ways you can go about searching for musicians for your wedding. I would suggest speaking with family and friends who regularly attend mass to ask their thought about the musicians at their church and if you get a reference, checking out the individual to hear him/her sing live. There are also different websites out there such as Gigmasters or Gigslad where you can select and choose from a number of wedding singers. Again, be sure to do your due diligence and visit their website and hear them sing live.

I’ve met with countless couples over the years to help them plan the music for their wedding. As part of my fee, I include a meeting with the couple which generally takes place in a church with the organist I will be performing with. The meeting generally lasts for an hour and during that time, I perform a number of songs for the couple which not only provides them with musical options for the different parts of the mass, but also gives them an opportunity to hear myself and the organist perform live.  If there is one thing that I enjoy doing it is trying to reaffirm and put confidence into my clients that they have made the right choce in choosing me for their wedding. Being able to have this consulation with them generally does the job.

Regardless of what musical option you choose for your wedding day, please be sure to do your due diligence. Musical is very powerful and if done properly can add character to your ceremony and make it distinctive.

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