Jonathan Michael

Jonathan began singing at the age of 7 when his parents enrolled him into the world renowned St. Michael’s Choir School in Downtown, Toronto, Ontario. At this school, his musical background was nurtured over the next 11 years. It is there that he received the same training as some internationally recognized musicians such as John McDermott, Michael Burgess, Jazz crooner Matt Dusk and Kevin Hearn of The Barenaked Ladies.

After graduating from the choir school, Jonathan continued singing throughout University and was featured as a tenor soloist in a number of Christmas and Spring concerts hosted by Carleton University. Staying true to his choir school roots, he also continued with liturgical duties and began singing as a cantor at various parishes in the Ottawa area.

After returning to Toronto in 2000, Jonathan began singing as a cantor at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish. It was there that he was introduced to the renowned vocal teacher, Suzanne Kompass, and a five year mentorship began. During the time he studied with Suzanne Kompass, he expanded his repertoire and learned to sing songs in Italian, Spanish, French and Latin.

In 2004, Jonathan discovered Crossover Classical music (i.e. Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli), and decided to plunge into this genre himself. Jonathan immediately made an impact across Canada, the United States, and even the Caribbean, performing gigs for dignitaries from Stephenson King, the former Prime Minister of St. Lucia, all the way to a young Justin Trudeau.

In 2011, Jonathan added jazz music to his arsenal. Initially he began performing with some jazz pianists who introduced him many of the standards and helped to broaden his musical repertoire. In 2013, he then joined a 20 piece big band orchestra and began performing with the group at a number of scheduled shows throughout the Greater Toronto Area in the summer months. With this organization, Jonathan also lended his voice to help sing on a number of albums that were sold to raise money for various charities throughout the world. Jonathan’s voice also made an immediate impression with his orchestra band members and in 2015, they voted him as being the best vocal soloist of the year.

In 2015, Jonathan collaborated with a group of gifted musicians and recorded his debut album called “The Compilation.” The album is a selection of favourite songs across the genres he has performed for the past 10 years. This collaboration led to the formation of the Jonathan Michael group which consists of himself and 4 other talented musicians who play the the violin, electric bass, drums and piano. In addition to his regular performances, Jonathan performs many concerts with this group throughout the Toronto area.

In June of 2017, Jonathan was awarded the 2nd place prize in the City of Markham’s Star Search Talent Competition. With over 200 entries from all different styles of art forms, Jonathan was able to impress the judges with his smooth vocals and rich voice.

Hearing Jonathan’s music for the first time is memorable. Incredibly, whatever the genre of music, Jonathan’s clear tenor is instantly recognizable.